Stops Along the Way

So I was looking through all my old files trying to find some AS reference code and I looked back at all the sites I’ve built along the way. Follow me along this magical journey…

it all started with:
Circa 2001. Was a portfolio site I used to get a design job.

The flash side of that site
And yes 2A was huge at this time.

Then came the shift to EthanMedia in 2002.
I can’t find the swf for this site.

2003 came the revision of EthanMedia

2003 Also saw the new site for Ethan Michael (

2004 saw a new face for EthanMedia which I recently put back online

I am also using as a development site.

Funny anyone else want to post their flash history?

Hey that last Ethen Media site has my song on there. Well it’s not my song but I USED IT FIRST NAHNAH NAH NAH NAH! Lol j/k. I don’t have much Flash history. Well I do but lost it all in a HDD crash. Now all I have is my site.:frowning:

Once I get some hosting and a domain, I’ll post some up. Until then, you can just close your eyes and imagine my greatness :wink:

Actually that site was done back in October of 2003 so it is 9 months old. So :hugegrin: