Storing items in an inventory

Hi and happy new year, I’m trying to create an inventory for a point and click style game. I want to click and drag an object into a inventory box to be stored until it’s required (however the object is also bigger than the box and so I think it needs to be re-scaled).
I’ve sort of nearly got it working but it’s still not right.

here’s the code I’m currently using:

mc1.onPress = function(){
mc1.onRelease = function(){
if (this.hitTest(box1) == true){
this._xscale = 40;
this._yscale = 40;
if (this.hitTest(box1) == false){
this._xscale = 100;
this._yscale = 100;

I’ve also tried replacing the lines with _xscale/_yscale with:
this._x = box1._x;
this._y = box1._y;

Any help would be appreciated