Strange button problem, very simply done, but does not work

i made 2 buttons. one works and the other doesnt… i want the one that doesnt to work. and the one that is already working, i need to stop blinking when u click it. its very simple code. and it should work but i dont know whats wrong, i named the MC perfectly and the code is all good… i dont know what the heck is wrong with them, please take a look at the example fla…

I think I got it working. Let me know if I fixed everything.

ok, well i pretty much fixed everthing with the help of digigamer :p: BUT, the buttons keep flashing when you press the button, then rollout of it…

“main should be working like portfolio but it isnt… when you press porfolio and rollout, it keeps blinking…”

They both act exactly the same to me, and neither of them are blinking?


hmm? i dont think understand you…

on rollover of either button, it blinks.
on rollout of either button, it stops blinking.
BUT, when you press either button, it plays the little jumping motion. then when you rollout of the button after you pressed it, it will start blinking. i dont want it to blink after i rollout of the pressed button. i want to only blink when i rollover it without pressing it.

forgot to put the .fla up.

Ok, what I was saying is that the blinking doesn’t even happen for me, and that both the buttons do the exact same thing. Here, I recorded my screen as I tried to do it, and you’ll see no blinking or anything:

thats wierd, i tried it on 2 comps and someone else tried it and they all got the same problem… it seems to me that your’s isnt even blinking… maybe your flash has a problem with alpha fading? im using flash mx (6.0) if that helps… but then this is a flash mx forum so it shouldnt be a problem… maybe its the calibration on your monitor?

i know whats wrong, you do NOT have the font associated with two movie clips… i uploaded the font if you want to install it, its a pixel font…
once u install it, you will see my problem. :rabbit:

mother! all i had to do was change the rollover) gotoAnd**Stop **instead of play!

SupaMarMar: Actually, the easiest codes are hardest to debug.

tahnks SupaMarMar, your a genius!