Strange Issue - Panelworx

I’ve got an issue that I’ve been unable to get a handle on and am hoping someone may have seen something similar.
I have a game, done in AS3 which works perfect on three different test machines - all running XP, SP3. On the target machine though, the attract loop fails to ever timeout - so if someone walks away mid-game, or it’s just started for the day, nothing happens. The kiosk machine is also running XP, SP3 - it’s a Panelworx 42" touch screen with integrated PC - has 2GB of RAM.
Considering the OS’ are identical, and it works without issue on three other machines I’m having a hell of time diagnosing this. The remainder of the game works just fine… and tests I’ve done using the same attract loop classes also work. It seems to just be in the game, on this one machine.
I realize there’s not much to go on here… just hoping maybe someone else had a similar issue. This thing (seven of them) is supposed to (has to) ship this week and I’m tweaking a little.