Strange maths problem/error

I’ve adapated a carousel to work on a flat basis, and its working well. However i wish to add navigation to this that will scroll one image to the left/right when clicked. The problem is this navigation i’ve added works fine for first few clicks and then stops working due to it never reaching the correct destination…

The formula im using is simple enough i just cant see why it fails…

speed = ((positionTargetX-positionCurrentX)/8);

i then use a if(Maths.abs(speed)==0) to check if the moved clip has arrived at its destination. Which as i say works the first few times and then goes out of synch and the speed never reachs 0.

I’ve attached a .zip with the relevant files to this post and would be most appreciative if anyone could give me any ideas as to why its going wrong. As it has me baffled right now :frowning:

Cheers :slight_smile: