Strange, not serious, but annoying problem

for some reason i cant click a frame or frames and drag them with my mouse like i usally do. has anyone had that problem? maybe i should restart my comp. tell me if u know anything about it?

oh god, now i cant even drag my objects from my library (ctrl + L) to my main screen. argh…

Nope, never heard of it. Make sure that the frame is highlighted first…

lol. That sucks.

I’d restart.

oh well it has nothing to do with flash. i cant even drag my icons on my desktop! :mad: <-- i dont know if that is a smiley or not but im just trying to say im mad. :slight_smile:

btw…that not draging of keyframes…may happen because a layer is to close to a folder

lol, i just had to restart my computer. woops :rabbit:

A Possible bug that is to do with Flash is that when I drag stuff around in the libary I get no graphical representation anymore, eg. the little hand & file thang that used to come up when you were about to drop a file. I used to but … it gone!!

Also (An old one I know) but sometimes when I shut down Flash all the text on my desktop turns into a different font!!

hey…i think flash do have problem

sometimes on the timeline, the scrollbar just whoop, dissappeared.
i have to close the flash and reopened it…what’s wrong with flash?

Well sometimes my toolbar disappears