Strange passing variable

So i got this strange problem with retrieving a variable in a poll i have made.

on (release) {
if (message eq “” or /:ssl eq “” or email eq “”) {
} else {
loadVariables(“form.php”, 0, “POST”);

/:ssl <- is a value from a checkbox inside a movieclip called “ssl”.

Checkbox codes goes like this:
on (release) {
/:ssl = “moo”;

I test the swf file filling out the checkboxes and the rest and i get everything to my e-mail.

But i have to load this movie into another swf, when i then test the Main file there is only one problem, that is to get this value:

/:ssl <- that one

Message and email is still passed to my e-mail but not the checkbox value.
I have tried all things i can come up with without results :frowning: Every little help with getting this value will be enormously helpfull.
So please anyone got any little bit of help to this?