Strange thing when I embed

This is a frequently asked question but it has never quite been answered. Maybe I’m in the wrong forum but here it goes: how the F*** do I embed swedish characters?

I’m loading information from a xml (which has encoding=“utf-8”). I have specifically embedded the characters åäöÅÄÖ along with pre-defined characters (such as “uppercase”, “lowercase”, “basic latin” etc.) and it still wont work. And YES, the font has the characters. I don’t get it.

The weird thing is that when my information is displayed in the swf, words like “jättebra” could end up with just “jtta”. I have never had this problem before.

Anyone got an idea?

(Didn’t wanna post this in the “server side” forum since it pbly wont be as many flash-dudes there who could answer this.)