Strategic turned base game - board

Hi there ! I am a C#/Java programmer mainly desktop applications. I want to make a turn-based flash game that looks like Risk/Axis and Allies. Turn by turn moving the player pawns(which will be boats carrying a max of 5 pawns) on a hex or square board and then performing actions at certain location like droping pawn at a port or buying resource crates that will be placed on the boat then delivered to another port.

I have both Flash CS5 and Flash Builder 4 but i’m a complete noob with them.

So here’s what I tought I could start… I have a picture of a fantasy map with land and water. I draw shapes (of different size) on it that will be the tiles where the player will move his boat(s). the movement range will vary from boats to boats to a max of 5 tiles. I then convert every shapes to symbols but that’s where i’m not sure it’s the way to do this. Does each tiles have to be a symbol ?

Anyway, i’m looking for ressources to help me create a gameboard and moving objects on it. I don’t want any animations yet, I just want to be able to select a boat and see its possible moving range.

I’ve been looking all over the web to find something similar but I had no luck.
Should I start by reading books on flash animation or going straight for an AS3 gaming book ? I have two of them but they do not contain any game example like the one I would like to do.

Thanks a lot!