Stream MPEG in Flash MX

Hey guys,

I need to know how to steam an MPEG video into a Flash movie.

The MPEG I’m using is rather large, and users will not wait for the complete video to load, so I need a way to stream it.

That would be great if anyone could help me to stream my MPEG.

And if this is possible, is there anyway to create the ‘Buffering’ bar type thing, so just in case the streaming video catches up with the amount of video downloaded, instead of just stopping the video, it will say ‘Buffering, 60%’ or ‘Buffering 75%’ on the bottom left corner, or something like that.



Anyone? Please…I really need help here.=)


I use this nice flash component

the interface looks like quicktime, and has streaming options, and has the buffering bar you mentioned.

Also, it is easy to use - just drag and drop.

there is another version/interface here

Also, I would use sorensen squeeze to get a smaller file size. i dont like the compression in flash.


Thank you very much!