Streaming audio/timeline won't stop when PrintJob print dialog open

Using Flash Professional CS6, targeting Flash Player 10.3, I have multiple “slides” in a timeline with sound (a narrator) set to stream, synced to animation, and a stop() in the timeline at the end of each slide. On one slide, the user can click something that builds a sprite and prints it via PrintJob. But if the user clicks to print before the slide hits the stop() frame for that slide, flash seems to ignore the stop() while the print dialog is open and Flash continues streaming the timeline audio with the narration from the next slide. I’m able to pause the slide when the user clicks to print before calling the print code, which leaves it to the user to resume playing the slide after making his print choice, but I’d like to avoid that if I can. Any suggestions?

So when a native print dialogue comes up the stage loses focus causing the problem? You say you can pause it on click, maybe you can utilize Event.ACTIVATE to unpause when they regain focus instead of the user doing it?

Thank you, Nick! Good idea.

No prob