Streaming FLV Beat Me Up & Made Me Cry

Hey guys!

I’m relatively new around here, and before I ask, I’m aware that this kind of question is obnoxious. I have used Google. I have browsed this and three other forums. I have even paged through Adobe’s help and doc files. You’d like to think I’m an expert by now.

Fact of the matter is, streaming FLV stuff is just kicking my butt. I know enough, but apparently not enough.

I’m working on a portfolio for a friend, and he wants streaming FLVs on his site. He seems to think these videos need to be 700px wide- big, by web standards. I’m not even sure it’s POSSIBLE to stream a video that big at decent quality on the internet.

I’m aware of bit rates, and all that good stuff, and I know connections can only handle so much. I did testing at the cable and DSL level, and got it as good as I could get it- it has a nice buffer, so it’s not getting caught loading at DSL level.

It’s still jerky, apparently, according to him, though I can’t see it on my computer, connection, or even using the Flash Bandwidth profiler.

These are photo slideshows, with some fairly quick pans and zooms on still images.

He’s not happy with the quality, and is thinking we need to do something else.

I’ve tried to explain to him that connection speed, the server the file is streaming from, and even the graphics card and processor of the computer it’s being viewed on are all factors we don’t have any control over.

Before I tear it all apart and start over, does anyone have any wisdom I don’t know about? Tips? Tricks? I’m about to tear my hair out. I’ve been using both Quicktime Pro and Visual Hub for OSX.

Thanks in advance!