Streaming internet radio via Swf

Hi, Firstly this is just a post to see if anyone can help me find information on creating a Flash player to stream internet radio channels.

I have a player which does mp3’s but it will not do streaming internet (or maybe i am doing it wrong).

I want to load the lists using xml as I do for the mp3 player.

maybe I am just being stoopid, but I can’t find any good information on the subject…

Any thoughts???..

maybe this thread from we’re here could help…

Thanks Brainy,

that is tha shiznay !
just what i am lookin for. If i get it workin i will post a tute up, cos no doubt this is something many ppl could use, ie a small pop-up virtual online radio tuner 9with radio search). sweet!.
I may B outta my league but I will work it…

thanks again!