Streaming video (flv) - comms between 2 SWF files embedded in an HTML


I have been implementing streaming video players into a few websites for a while using some AS2 bog standard code, within full Flash website and embedded in mainly HTML sites.

The AS2 code is pasted at the bottom.

This uses a drop down list to allow the website visitor to choose a video from a list, which then streams into the web page the SWF is embedded in.

The problem I have now is that I have signed off a design for a new client that requires this type of video streaming, but the page layout is such that I need to split the video screen into one flash stage (555x440px) and the controlling play/pause buttons and drop down list into another stage (probably 200x400px).

These SWF files will be in separate layers in the same HTML page.

Will I be able to have the control buttons and video selection drop down list communicate with each other as if they were in the same SWF? And what is the degree of difficulty?

Worst case is I could take the entire website image (rendered in Photoshop) and make the entire video HTML page a single Flash file, but I was hoping someone might be able to let me know if variable / listener communications between 2 SWF files embedded in an HTML page is “normal”.



var netConn:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var netStream:NetStream = new NetStream(netConn);

var chosenVideo:String;
chosenVideo = “flv/main.flv”;

myEvent1 = new Object();
myForm1 = new Object();
myForm1.change = function(myEvent1) {
// nowPlayingText.text = myComboBox.selectedItem.label;
chosenVideo =;

nowPlayingText.text = chosenVideo;


playBtn.onPress=function() {;