Streaming video


i want to make a streaming webcam in flash 5. does anyone know a tut for maiking this!??

I found this link at flashkit but its in flashMX:

I don’t know if it’s possible in Flash 5, which is why they included it in MX.

It’s not, coz F5 can’t load jpg’s, which is how it works.

There is some freebie software around to convert jpg to swf on the fly - I’ve never used it so I don’t know how well or otherwise it works

The other option is FlashTurbine but I don’t think you’ll find it on too many servers these days

OK thanks! :frowning:

Well before ill do to much out of it! Do anybody know if i can load a MX .swf file on to a Flash5 movie!

It depends on the likely flash player in the browser of your anticipated audience. If everyone viewing your site is using a version 5 player and you want some mx effect which is only supported by version 6 then you’ll get errors.

Your best bet is probably to export your swf in the lowest version you can get away with i.e. try exporting your mx fla as version 5 swf and see if you get “This feature is not supported …” errors.