Streaming XML MP3 Player

I have a strong feeling that that is because you don’t get rid of the high speed player when you click on modem. While modem was loading I could still hear highspeed playing in the background.

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Thanks for your email man :slight_smile:
Yea I checked that out, but the problem remains the same. I also have a similar problem with a non-streaming one.
Surprisingly it works just fine in my brother’s computer [all: IE, Opera and Firefox], but strange thing is that: it doesn’t work not only in my laptop, but also my desktop PC.

I’m kinda curious if this has anything to do with firewall and stuff? [i’m a noob in thise area] because I have downloaded the latest flash player, updated my IE, still the rpoblem remains. The 2 computers in my room have the same problem. thats strange.

oh I also have a problem that the slider doesn’t work.
here’s the link:

Thanks Voetsjoeba

It sure works fine here, in IE, Mozilla and FireFox. Yeah, maybe it’s your firewall ? Try shutting it down and see if it works then.

Thanks for that link by the way, the music totally relaxes me :slight_smile:

when i try to play the songs, it shows the title but wont play the music. i have the volume cranked and it still doesnt work. hellllpppp

Are you sure your paths to the mp3s are correct in the playlist ?

do i need to upload all the music to my server befor choosing the paths? im a little unsure about how to use this thing:puzzle:

If you choose local paths, then it’ll only work locally. It’s best to upload them and link to them online.

now it says undefined - undefined… bah

HGA77, could u possible post a link to where we can download your player? i wanna test it out, if thats possible, or just private message me, with the link if u dont want EVERYONE to get it:) thanks a bunch:hugegrin:

Tilt, the player I have on that link has been hard coded within the site. I dont have the player as a seperate fla. Sorry



I’ve been looking for this a long time. Indeed, a tut would be cool. An a explanation of the code would be very interesting.