Streaming XML MP3 Player

The source file of the streaming version of my XML MP3 Player is now available :slight_smile:

MX 04:

says it’s an unexpected file format… I have MX, maybe that’s it. Any thoughts?

Thanks VEO

Yeah it’s an MX 04 file. I have experienced that MX 04 screws up in converting this file to the MX format, so I can’t guarantee the MX version will work as good as the 04 version, but nothing stops you from trying :slight_smile:

Euuuuuuhm. Another thingy ! C:-)

My girlfriend :love:tried to access the streaming mp3 player/flash file, but her dad :p:seems to have JukeBox installed.

(I guess it’s MusicMatch JukeBox :whistle: )

But this program catches clicks from Internet Explorer !

So when the Flash movie wants to download the MP3 files, JukeBox takes over and starts downloading the file. :jail:

I renamed the files from *.mp3 to *.dat and updated the .XML file.
That worked :nerd:.

Thought I’d mention…the horizontal version is set up to read onlineplaylist.xml, however the original streaming version reads onlineplaylist_stream.xml. Make sure you change the .xml filename before you preview the player or you will get lots of output errors!

Correct, but it’s on another server. On this server, the playlist is called onlineplaylist.xml, not onlineplaylist_stream.xml :slight_smile: Besides, the only reason it’s up is for users see what code to change and how to modify the file.

What makes something that streams through XML so good?

Love what you have done for the flashers out there. Is there a way that I can alter the code so that the music doesn’t start right away. (giving it time to load the song say 15 to 25 sec. in) either that or have the person press play to start the streaming when the streaming has already started

Yeah, sure, add this line to the constructor:


So that it looks like:


thanks alot. ill give it a go.

Not sure if its something that I am doing wrong or what. I have two .swf’s one for high bandwidth the other for low. The AS points to a high.xml and low.xml. I have the original CD, I rip one at 80 kbits(high) and 24kbit or 40kbits(low). The low songs sound distorted, high pitched ect, and playing faster than they should.

I modified the xml files to relate to the different sizes and location of the file. Other than that the xml files are identical.

Could it be due to the filenames being identical and something about the cache?

Any guesses?

I am trying to modify the file to fit in a smaller space and I noticed earlier in this post someone asked how to resize and were told to change the documents size. Well my problem is I actually need to make all the buttons and sliders small to fit into a REALLY confined space. So I made all the buttons and the scrollers smalled but it seems like when I test everything is out of whack and the progress bars are the same size they were originally. Im a novice to action scripting but I tried to see if I could find some kind of X Y settings for the height and size of these things but came up with no luck. Could someone give me a clue where to look in the scripting to find size settings ?


Check out the list right above the XML code on the bottom of the AS code. The important sizes and numbers that can’t be retrieved dynamically are set there :slight_smile:

Hmm. Okay Voets figure this one. The non-streaming version of the player works perfectly (thanks to your help) and the songs load entirely in about 1 minute on DSL. However, when I use the streaming version to load the same songs the songs take about an hour to load completely. What’s up with that?

No idea, that never happened before … wouldn’t know, sorry :frowning:

Oh well. I guess I’l just have to go with the non-streaming version then. Thanks again for your help on getting that one to work.

Does this happen with all mp3s ?


Does this happen with all mp3s ?

I hope you were refering to me about that. Yes it does.

You can listen to it to get a better idea of what I mean. If you click the link below, go to the Audio menu item, select high speed and you will hear the proper sound. You will have to hit “Play”. Also, its in Gujarati, a Indian dilect so it won’t make a lick of sense. Then if you go to the Audio menu item and select “Modem”, click play (I have a 10 sec _buffer time so it might be delayed a bit. The songs are same (You can tell by the title) but the pitch etc. is all wrong.

Please let me know if I can provide additional info.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Voet

I have a problem opening it in IE and Opera, but FireFox works flawlessly.
IE doesn’t even play the song, it loads but it doesn’t show the progress.
Opera plays the song, but the loading doesnt show the progress.

Any idea?

thanks Voet