Street Fighter Thread!

I don’t remember there being a Ken in the first one (Street Fighter) ???
I couldn’t get dragon punch out on that machine anyway. :frowning:

Street Fighter II came out and everyone was all over it.

People use to line up for a challenge……
I used to play like a retard, people would watch, think they could win and then challenge. :smiley: (almost got into plenty of real street fights doing that :P)

Then Mortal combat came out… ( I never liked that )

There was:
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II turbo
Street Fighter II hyper
Street Fighter II Alpha
Street Fighter II Alpha 2
Street Fighter II EX
Street Fighter II EX 2

There were others in there, like the Marvel one, There were pirate ones where you could do infinite fire balls and sonic booms and climb up the screen. I believe there is a III out, but I don’t remember ever playing it.

Sometimes when me and my friend would turn up to different machines they would say the Master / Masters are here.

We were so cocky, one used to use the stick, while the other pressed the buttons. Or we would play looking away from the screen just listening to the sound to show off.

I still do that, I watch music video clips at the arcade while playing Street Fighter II EX 2, but not to show off, but because I get bored……

When I want to shame people who think they are good, I will let them beat me almost to death and then start playing, let them have second round, or beat them perfect in seconds.

Hell…… I have even taught my g/f to play……… If you wanna see shame, you should see the looks on their faces when they are beaten by a girl. Even I laugh my arse off when she pulls out a tornado on them in EX2. :smiley: