String Length? (Textfield.htmlText)

I’ve done some research in Moock’s Actionscript for Flash MX, but still running into issues.

I have text variables being passed into my flash movie that need to be in the same paragraph but can be one of 3 types: title, url, blank. Each one goes on a separate line.

My problem happens when I create the html string to be displayed. When I debug, the string cuts off right in the middle of a variable. Normally, if there was a problem with how I programmed the function, it would cut off before or after displaying the contents of the variable, but it cuts off right in the center of it. This happens around 250 characters into the string, which leads me to believe that something is limiting the length of the string???

Make the text string:

function makeText(){
			for(i=1; i<=13; i++){  //13 is the number of lines available for display
				if(_root["linksAkey_"+i] == 0){ //blank line
					_root.Astring += '<BR>';
				}else if(_root["linksAkey_"+i] == 1){ //title line
					_root.Astring += '<FONT COLOR=#B5BD8E>';
					_root.Astring += _root["linksAname_"+i];
					_root.Astring += '</FONT><BR>';
				}else if(_root["linksAkey_"+i] == 2){ //url line
					_root.Astring += '<FONT COLOR=#FFFFFF><U><A HREF=http://';
					_root.Astring += _root["linksAurl_"+i];
					_root.Astring += '>';
					_root.Astring += _root["linksAname_"+i];
					_root.Astring += '</A></U></FONT><BR>';

Make the textbox and display _root.Astring:

this.createTextField("linksA", 10, 10, 162, 150, 209);
this.linksA.html = true;
this.linksA.htmlText = _root.Astring;
this.linksA.type = "dynamic";
this.linksA.embedFonts = true;
this.linksA.multiline = true;
this.linksA.wordWrap = true;