StrokeStyle not LineStyle

Hi there,

For my current game i need to be able to use different stroke styles, for example as the road graphic i use a 6 pixel thick gray line and then id use a 2 pixel white “dashed” line.

Well i mocked one up in Flash but when i try to replicate it in code, i am having no joy.

There does not seem to be a graphics property for types of stroke, such as “Dotted” or “Dashed”. I know “hairline” and “solid” are catered for in LineStyle.

So there is no way to do this as far as google is concerned.

I thought instead id use a bitmap and see if that would work. There is a lineBitmapStyle() method on the graphics object according to several sources online but my Flex builder 3 does not have access to this method.

Can anyone assist me? :smiley:

PS: I have Flex SDK 3.2 not sure if it matters but i thought id add.