Stuck on multi dimensional array - i have searched promise!

Hi all,

i have been trying to get this right in my head for a while. i’ll use an example to help:

i have 4 buttons on my stage. when i click on one, it calls a function that will resize my background stage and then load in an image. I want to reference an array (multi) that can hold the url of the image, the name of the button that presses it, the width and the height.

i have some basic experience with single arrays and how to use.length etc in a for loop to pull out info. I however have no experience really writing or using a mult array.

If you can shed any ligh ton this, or have any links that might help, it would be great!

ps i have read everything on kirupa but i though multi arrays looked like this:

test = new array()
test[0,0] = “something”

i really appreciate the help!