Study on cartoon movement

I’d did this because I have to for bug testing purposes, but I’m posting this mainly because every time I mention on this board that I’m doing my cartoon thingy that by now you’ve probably noticed is my main focus not simply keyframe by keyframe, people look at me funny and say that would be impossible.

Anyway, here’s a character flailing his limbs wildly and in a completely illogical manner purely to make sure everything’s working, if anyone’s curious. It should give you an idea as to how to make a cartoon with flash, in case anybody’s interested in that.

I lowered the frame rate to 12 fps so it’s easier to follow, because the real reason to do this is to check if there’s any bugs with the character design (I’ll have to do something like this for every character from every angle). In this one, there is. His hands aren’t clean enough, the left one especially. Their lines move around a bit when the hand should just be rotating.

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Yep I really like that la :slight_smile: nice toon…

weird… Is it frame-by-frame?