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What would the consequences be of just loading up a .swf file instead of loading it in an HTML page?

Cheers, J

you mean on your browser?? if so it wont be visible unless the person has the flash plugin installed, so its best to have it n a html page that way you use a script to verify if the user has the plugin installed.

I’m going to have a flash detection script on the index page, then that leads you to a flash index or to a the flash install page, that will all be done in HTML, but when you get to the flash index there will be a pop up window and I’m thinking of just loading the swf… will there be any consequences to that?

yep, that and chances are it’ll be stretched all out of shape (scale)…if the user has the plugin, but there’s no html launch page…

I have that sorted, The movie is 800 x 440 and so is the pop up window :slight_smile: time for a test drive…

the only thing is that it wont be centered if its not in a table since im real picky about the stuff i do i always like to make it look nice and neat and centered because not all browsers will open it to the dimensions you say some will open it smaller others will just open it like a normal page and it just looks nasty having a swf floating on you top left and the rest of the background white or a solid color but thas just me :-/

hmm yeah… the problem is when i load it into a HTML page even when i tell the movie to align top right theres big black bits… anyone know how to get around that?

it all depends on what browser your using jsut make sure you insert the swf into a table and ahve the table aligned to the center and have its cel pad and cel spacing set to 0 and go to modify>page properties and set its top, right, bottom and left margins all to 0 that will most likely solve your problems

<body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0">

another consequence is that in the title bar of the window, it will say rather than the title you want it to have.

<body topmargin=“0” leftmargin=“0”>

Thanx bwh2 I never thought of that… and it worked a treat :slight_smile:

no problem.

thats waht i was telling you waht to do in dreamweaver lol

ah right, I had put it in a table and told it to stretch to the size of the window but that didn’t work so I didn’t know you mean to do that… lol… my bad… cheers to everyone for all the help though :slight_smile: