Stumped with logo design

ive started on my website but of course i need something to make my site unique. A logo…

Ive been working on my logo a few days now and i dont seem to be getting no where. Ive involved my logo with the two letters: s and g but there not a good combination (from what i made).

Ive started to open photoshop and draw some stuff but ^%$# its like little kid drawings :puzzled:

im in need of some good ideas from you ppl… something that invovles the letter: “s” or with “sg”…

how bout a G within the S? dont look down on little kid drawings, keep them and use them as brainstorming ideas. play around with them, touch them up abit, combine them, you just may get what you want.

thanks for the suggestions :)… i work on what uve said… but still its gnna take a while…

btw… move to if you deciding to definely move :wink:

well try giving us some more input about your company like name and the services you plan to offer so we can have an idea of what we can relate to it and give you some ideas :wink:

my website is personal, not a complany sorta thing