Stupid Laptop - Need .FLA converted from MX2004 to MX

Stupid Laptop

I dont have MX2004 on this machine and need to update a .fla for a presentation tomorrow.

Can anyone convert this to MX or V.5 and repost link for me?

I would appreciate it


Apperently, that is not a Flash file

It is, you just have to right-click and select “Save As…”

…but it’s friggin’ huge. I can’t do this from work (no server to post to).

There are a ton of Pictures in it. Its about 7MB

Weird, my PC sees it as a HTM file. I tried renaming it when it downloaded it, but then Flash just makes errors…

Hey Fester if you still need it you can download it from here[url=“”]



I missed it.
I was on vacation until today.

Anyone else want to help thier friendly neighborhood serial killer :beam:

Uploading your MX file now :slight_smile:

Here ya go.

I won’t delete it until you let me know it’s ok.

You da man!

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Can I take it offline ?