Subliminal flash

Hello everyone,

Just came accross this link

Follow the instructions right to the end. Once downloaded (400k) the movie takes about a minute or so.

It certainly demonstrates the power of flash in a more unconscious way! Make sure to listen to the end bit and to see the ingenious classic sublimal art after the start.


oh, and Hi! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

haha, jubba’s footer is so blatant.


My eyes were stinging from trying to make some php work with a flash interface and decided to have a look around the net to take my mind off it for a while. I came accross the link I posted above and I had my volume on quite loud. I got right into working out those lyrics when wham

scared the life out of me

Just had to share it!

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I could of searched first thor :beam: :slight_smile:

I am tired 4:18 over. Just getting into web-design in a big way and I suppose I’ve caught the flash bug now.

Do you guys sit there at the computer screen into the morning trying to work out some script is not working the way it should?

always. Yesterday I tried to get a stupid PHP file upload script to work for my clients “User Control Panel” for over 5 hours… the answer is always something simple. I forgot to include the enctype value in the HTML form code. :crazy: Its always something simple that is overlooked…

naw, i usually go to sleep to reset my mind. it helps a lot.

yeah, I took a nap while trying to do that code, and when I woke up I figured out the answer in about 30 seconds…

That always happens. I get so arrogant (with myself) when scripting and just won’t stop until I’ve got the answer.

If only I would give my mind some inspiration time as they say. :sigh: