Submission / traffic problem... need help

My friend and I have launched this site for about 2 years and we’ve been getting good traffic and business. However due to some legal issues we had to cut the site off for about a year and we replaced our old product line to something entirely new. Now the problem is, I can’t seem to really get back nearly as much traffic as I used to get anymore… It seems like the directories which has already crawled our site years ago wouldn’t update our site content. I really don’t want to pay the big money to those search engines or submission “pros” to have them do it… Any ideas and suggestions?


p.s. sorry I posted it under that other forum… seems like i posted it in the wrong place.

Hey arazmas,
Have you considered adding a re-direct script to the old domain so that whenever people enter the URL for your old domain, they will automatically be transferred to the new site? Or is that not a possibility due to the legal issues you ran into?

Kirupa :rambo:

well the problem is we’re using the exact same old domain name. At first I thought it would be a good idea to use that old one 'cause I expected the old customers to re-visit our site and that way I won’t waste my traffic. But then, I failed to recognize how difficult it is to have the search engines actually UPDATE our site listing and move our site to an appropriate category. Well I guess I’m learning things the hard way.

Anyway, what would you suggest? Should I just grab another domain name and mirror my whole site there, and redirect visitors to a new site? Or would you have any better suggestion? I really don’t just wanna surrender here sigh :-\