Submit Button doesn't work

Hi all,

I have created a submit button in Flash 5.0 and embedded it in my ASP form.

This is the script for it…

on (release) {
getURL (“verify.asp”, “_self”, “POST”);

Why isn’t it bringing up my verify.asp page but only the error.html page?

Thanx - this is URGENT!!!


Wouldn’t you have to do the whole form in Flash, not just the submit button?

If you do the whole form, the submit button pulls the variables from your Flash textareas, but if you have no textareas in your flash file then you obviously did not fill out all the fields, causing you to get an error page because the submit button wouldn’t pull the variables from the HTML.

Here is the code

on (press) {
getURL (“javascript:document.login.submit();”, “_self”);

Thanx all!
I am soooooo happy now!!!

Good work:)

For replying!