Submitting web forms via CGI

Argh. I am having a bit of trouble with this. But I know I can learn it if someone gives me a clue!

I have one rather lengthy questionaire on my site and I currently have it being posted by email. So, when a user presses SUBMIT it send the info to me (mailto:blah blah blah as a POST.ATT attachment) via their email client, if it’s configured properly through their browser!

Well, as you can imagine this sometimes doesn’t work and all the info they type in gets lost!

I NEED to learn to retrieve this info by CGI. But I can’t really understand how to do it.

I need to make a template or something and upload it to the folder where all my other web files are stored? I know the address of my CGI Bin on my server, but this just isn’t making sense.

If someone can give me a lowdwon or point me to a CONCISE and ACCURATE ste-by-step tutorial. I’ll send you beer, or something nice.