i am having a terrible time with an intro to my web site. its for a cabinet company, so it needs to be very prfessional, (aka. not like cool effects, or anything crazy) i need to include the 4 words “elegance”, “craftsmanship”, “enduring quality”, and “variety” does any one have any ideas. i am just completely not thinking of anything thats lookin nice.

if you know any other webpages that have a simple but professional intro, could you show me as well, i could really use any ideas out there.

thank you


keep in mind that many classy sites don’t have flash intros … its not required to be “classy”

but if you just want to make an intro b/c you do … or you really feel it will enhance the site … then you may just look around at the sites of some upscale manufacturers of anything like :

hope this helps

yeah, i kinda like intros, they give it some ease getting into the actual website. its not just all there at one time.

thanks again.