Summernats 18 (Car Show)

Sup yall.

Not sure if anyone noticed but i was away from the forums for about a week or two since i was on holidays. I went to Canberra for about 5 days for a car show called “summernats”. Its a popular car show here in australia that happens once each year which shows off custom muscle cars mostly.

check the links for a selection of pics… ive got 5 days of pics so theres many more, but since my hommie DDD wanted some pics of the mustangs, i added a few here.
Car 1
Car 2
Car 3
Car 3 (burnout comp)
Car 4
Car 5
Car 5 (burnout comp)

------Silver bullet (mustang)

  *[dude airbrushing 2pac poster from scratch :!:
-- time limit was 30 minutes :crazy:]

*   [2pac airbrushing](

----final 2pac pic