Sunflower Escapades

Alright, I worked on this new series of images for my site, so I figured I would share them here since I have only posted like 1 thing in this entire D&D forum.

Although showing these here will make it even harder for people to believe that I really do dislike flowers. I have no clue why everything I do has one in it, I can’t stand them. Probably part of my mental condition or something, who knows.

Alright here they go, the series is called “Sunflower Escapades”.

Stay tuned for the M.O.E. Volumes… coming soon hopefully :slight_smile: (no flowers in this one… yet…lol)


Colorful! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like #1 best… =)

Thanks Eilsoe. I like #1 the best too :slight_smile: I think #4 needs more work, but it has potential…lol.

Yep, the first 2 look really good. I don’t like the 3rd flower, and the colors of the 4th look strange.
Btw, where did you get those flower pictures, if I may ask?

pom :cowboy:

The 4th flower is a red sunflower… I didn’t have anymore pics of yellow ones…lol.

The pics were on my computer, I got them from some stock photo site, don’t remember where :-\

I liked the first one lost~!


i liked the 2&3. something about the first one…anyway. very good. nice to have you back pom! how was vacation?

Very nice flower art, and good use of colours.

As to the using flowers/disliking them, maybe it’s an obsessional hatred. :stuck_out_tongue: (j/k)

Good stuff, and have a good day.

Uth :nerd:

Hmmm, obsessional hatred… that actually makes sense. But I don’t hate them THAT much.

I dunno, maybe it is pictures of flowers I like, but not actual flowers…lol.

and that is why the whole theme to Beta-X is flowers…

lol j/k.

I like it a lot. It contains flowers as subject matters but used in such a way that it doesn’t come off as cheesy or romantic. Plus I like the styles and themes in your art.

I like the last one, because you added some color effects on the edge of the flowers. Instead of using the mdipi way and slap on dem brushed like they were running out of style. :stuck_out_tongue: Joking, well maybe…

Thanks Ren and Dan :slight_smile: =) :beam:

Hey Dan, the flower in the last one didn’t take too much editing, since it was a red sunflower, it pretty much looked like that to begin with, I just spiced it up some with dodge and burn tools like I did on the other flowers :slight_smile:

Very Nice Lost!


I used to do something similar in the darkroom, with chemicals up to my elbows… :-\

Did you take the photos?


haha much better avitar rev.

So Lost, did you do that strictly in Photoshop?

I had the Photos on my comp, I got them from a stock photos site but I forget where because it was a long time ago.

Yes, this was done only in Photoshop as that is the only graphics program I have.

hey lostinbeta
good work it’s very nice ( the first 1#) i liked more than others.
good work man … C:-)

Thanks Flashswimmer :slight_smile: