Super weird bug with winXP/IE

if anyone can figure this out for me, I’ll buy them a beer.

my site:

if you resize the browser window to something smaller than the design (lets say under 600X800) a little empty space appears between the “HOME” and “EYE” buttons of the top main menubar. I can’t figure it out… And I’ve been trying!

Works fine on Mac and seems cool on Win98 too… :frowning:

I need people using XP to tell me what they see and if they can figure out what’s happening… I put a test page with a border=1 to help you see the main structure of the page here:

I really really can’t figure it out. And I don’t have a PC so that limits the possibilities for experimentation…

Thx! :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure it has to do with the table spacing stretching ever so slightly to adjust to 100% with the inclusion of an added scrollbar when the page is resized below what its set to - when that scrollbar kicks in on the page, the pagejumps in size to handle that scroll bar ever so slightly and the table stretches with it (atleast in how Im thinking)

What you might want to try is adding width=1% in the <**td>'s of the table containing those buttons. This should force those cells to be as small as possible and, hopefully, keeping that gap from popping up

thx for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I tried what u said but I don’t have winXP to check…
Can you let me know?
I changed it on my beta site 'cause it’s dynamically created w/ JavaScript and I don’t want to mess my whole site :wink:
So the address is:

Sorry fir the speed, it hosted on my computer, ADSL…

there was a blue line showing between the home & eye btns when i first checked the page (on resizing), but never again after clicking one of the two btns, not even when going back to the initial page!..

still does it…

Im looking at your menus.js now and I dont see the change

****, I’m sorry about that… I didn’t sleep the night before, moving to new hosting company, tried to batch modify some part of my files w/ BBEdit and it crashed and somehow the permission on EVERY single file was messed up… A nighmare… Was so tired and, when I posted it was next day around midnight so… I hope that a good enough excuse :wink: I had modified only one of the TD width of the if/else statement, it’s under:
// ------ creates navBar ------ //
in the menu.js if you wanna look :slight_smile: So if you could check one more time, that would be really cool! thx!

the address again:

that page looks fine on my end

you mean you don’t see it anymore? can you try resizing slowly like crazy? It’s just hard for me to believe this bug’s squashed… And it’s a strange bug that sometimes shows up, sometimes don’t…

I really appreciate your help, going through the .js and alll that…
THX! :slight_smile:

yup its all good

I know I’m repeating myself but… THX! :slight_smile: