Sushi Requires Help, His 3dsm has asploded

This really, REALLY sucks.
My 3d studio max ver 7 has asploded.

Nothing seems to be working quite right. The screenies in the attached zip file will help demostrate my point.

1 - In this screen you can see where the text “perspective” should be, there is only a little white dot.

2 - Here you can see that the axis are wrong it should be green and red, not blue and red.

Lots of other things are simply wrong, like sometimes the gizmos (the things you use to resize, rote, move etc) will appear in the wrong place. Also objects tend to dissapear in certain viewports, and lastly objects that i am moving in one veiwport won’t move in the others until i click in them.

I have reeinstalled twice, and nothing has worked. Please help.