Swap depths with fade and resize

Now the title is just my idea of how this could possibly work but I could be way off the mark as I am still a novice really. Basically I am going to have four or five cards that are fanned out, so they overlap.

What I would like to do is to zoom in on the first card a little and make the rest fade out, then take card 1 back to its original size and for the others to fade back in.

Next the same would happen with card 2, although as it is underneath the overlap of card 1 I would also need to bring it to the front. I presume this is where I would use the swap depths, but need that to interact with the fade and resize!

The same process would then be applied to cards 3 and 4. None of this would be run with buttons though, it would just be a gradual progression.

I’ve started reading up on swap depths and can make the basics happen from the tutorial on this site and I also know the basics of fading in and out, but currently this involves a lot of tweening and frames. What I really need is to pull all of this together in actionscript and that’s where it all falls down!

If you have any useful tutorials to help me on my way or can suggest some actionscript that puts it all together it would be great.

It is fairly clear in my mind what I need to do but if it is not coming out that way in this message don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

Many thanks in advance,