Swap Symbol is driving me crazy

Title explains all… Whenever I try to swap a symbol with another it does nothing and I mean NOTHING. Is swap symbol supossed to acually do somthing? Thanks in advance if anyone knows anything about this crap…

So swap symbol does nothing?

click on the symbol ->swapsymbol-> apanel opens up showing other symbols from the library->choose a different one and click ok.

Whenever I try to swap a symbol with another it does nothing and I mean NOTHING.

maybe it only does nothing for you?

Eh, whatever I got it to work… I thought maybe someone on these forums would know somthing about swap symbol.

well, we all know (except for you it seems) that it works. Since it didnt work for you… we didnt know what was wrong with you. :-/

what was wrong anyway?

u see mrpants, swap symbols is one of the easiest features on flash, even my grandmother could use it…but flash is not for everybody as I can see :wink:


Try reinstalling if it really doesn`t work but its not the most useful feature available to you and you might be better just getting used to life without it.

What was wrong?.. I thought I posted what was wrong… Well whatever I’ll restate what I said. I said that when I tried to swap a symbol by clicking on the symbol then in the properties box I clicked the “Swap…” Button and then when I selected the symbol I wanted to swap with and clicked OK nothing happened. But now for some reason it does so is this like a bug in flash mx?

could be a bug, I have noticed some…in fact it must be a bug, I dont see other explanation :puzzle:

maybe you weren’t doing it right before…


I bet it was, it must be a bug and by the way,berkoWitZ`s grandmother is renowned for her flash skills.

I have a book called the Flash MX Bible. It states that swap symbol wont work if the “synchonize” box is checked. Idk If I was tinkering with that before or what but whatever it works now blegh…

Also BTW swap symbol is acually a very important command in cartoon animation.

I didnt want it to say, but she´s the brain behind 2advanced :sure: