swapChild for MC on stage


I’m struggling with swapChild. I have a (very!) simple flash jigsaw, with my pieces on stage at runtime, rather than created dynamically. When picked up and moved, I want to bring each piece to the fore, so they are not moved behind any other piece or other item on the stage.

I can find lots of help about the new swapChild for mcs which are called to the stage with ActionScript, but I cannot figure out a way to apply this to mcs that are already on the stage. I don’t *technically *want to swap two children; I need to bring each to the highest depth when clicked on (ie within addEventListener:mouse event). This used to be simple in AS2. I appreciate swapChild is easier overall, but in this instance I just can’t get my head around it! No doubt it’ll be obvious when someone points it out to me!

Thanks for any help.