SwapDepth and Delay - Stops working after mouse rollover (Flash 8)


Am really hoping someone can help me - I am sooo close to finishing this project.

I’m still learning Flash, so I hope I explain myself well enough.

I have three buttons, each time you hover over a button an image related to that button will appear. Got this to work by following this tutorial: [COLOR=#810081]http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/swapdepth.htm[/COLOR]

I have the buttons inside a movieclip and the code on each movie clip is

on (rollOver) {
_root.x +=2;
on (rollOut) {
_root.x += 2;

I then have each movieclip placed on a seperate frame so that I could add a time delay to each frame i.e.

pause = function () { play();clearInterval(pausei);};
pausei = setInterval(pause, 3000);

This works together nicely until I roll my mouse over one of the buttons, and pretty much whatever the last button was that I rolled over that’s what image stays up. The side buttons still keep rotating at the correct interval, but the images are not the correct ones - they get stuck.

Any help is really appreciated.

I have attached a zip file and I’m using Flash 8.