:run: :a:

i have some movie clips duplicated, say ten, depths starting from 2, and i have an mc, on the root frame i put

and nothing happens :a: :run:
i even tried


still nuttin

how to make the mc appear on TOP of other mc’s ?!?!?!?!
i hate this

well … ?

have you tried the actionscript reference?

well i noticed in flash that when you duplicate movies a lot, certain MCs get lost or replaced by others in the same depths. Try mc_clip.swapDepths(1000) to see what you get. The depth value of 1 is a little small for my comfort, and remember flash puts higher number depths closer to your eye.

Have it increment the depths. In the same Flash file I have needed help with, I am instancing a movie a few hundred times. So everytime you duplicate it, do something like mcDepth++ or whatever your depth variable name is.


i always thought that it puts smaller numbers closer to my eye like if the depth was 1 it was on top of everything