Swc >> fla

Hey all,

Currently I am working on a inherited project and I’m having some pretty big issues with the swc. The issue is I don’t have the correct FLA (I’m pretty sure anyway) to the swc and I need to change some assets in the library.

If I compile (Flex) with the swc I was given everything works fine, but as soon as I recompile the assets fla to a swc everything is broken.

Mind you this is an application with about 200 classes, and the swc is a mess so going through and seeing what assets in the swc are broken isn’t an option.

I have soThink, but that doesn’t handle swc >> fla. I was wondering if anyone could

A) throw a few shots in the dark as to what else to look for
B) possible shoot some links to any type of software that may convert a swc to and fla

Thanks guys