.swf convert to .avi help please!

Hi all,

Sorry i didnt know which forum to post this in. I think this is the right one if not feel free to move it :slight_smile:

I need some help, I’ve got a .swf file which i really want to convert to an .avi file. But i don’t have the .fla file. I heard you can do it in quicktime pro but i dont have that, i have tried importing it into flash but i just get the keyframes.

Any ideas? :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

That’s a tough one, can you tell us the circumstances why you need it as an AVI instead of an swf? maybe we can come up with an alternative solution for you… JesseH

circumstances would be that i want to put it onto VCD and watch it on my tv :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Can your VCD player play burned DVD’s? Can’t you take a blank DVD disk and insert the swf into it? then play it on your VCD or DVD? there is software out there that lets you burn DVD’s if you have a CD Burner.

You need a special dvd recorder to do that with costs £500+ :frowning:

Besides, my dvd player (which also plays vcds) cannot play .swf files. Thats why i want to convert the flash file into an mpeg1 .avi file, so it can play on my dvd :slight_smile: