.swf file in the right place in the movie window?!

I’ve made a 3d sphere( globe) animation in swift3d and it’s now in .swf format but how can i put it in my intro on the right place? How can i get it in there ( with import it’s going to the wrong place) But if i have to put all the frames in the right place i’ll be busy for years.\rDo you know a faster way and how i can put it in the right place in the window?\r\rthnx MZZL Chooku :slight_smile:

loadMovie -it into an empty clip (you need to name that clip and set it as the target for the loadMovie), so you can position and scale it like you want.

can you explain it better to me i don’t understand? sorry

In your main movie, make an empty movieclip.\rPut it on the scene, name it!! (for example “container”, or something…).\rThen you need the loadMovie action, which you can attach to a button or place ina frame: loadMovie (“swift.swf”, _root.container)… if you put this on the empty clip itself, use loadMovie (“swift.swf”, this).\rThen you can position this clip anywhere and scale it to any size with actionscript…\r\rTell me where you’re having problems?

Don’t worry, Chooky, for Jubby Boy will soon write a tutorial about that. Maybe.\r\rpom 0]

easier than that.\r\rSelect nothing on the stage.\r\rmenu option “Insert/Create new object”.\rSelect “movie clip” from the choices.\rSelect the first frame of the timeline that comes up.\rChoose menu option “File/Import” and select the swf that you want to import.\r\rGo back to the main stage. Open your library, drag an instance of your new movie clip to the stage and position as you like.\r\r-------------------\rThere are things that go wrong in swift and swish. They offset the object to a point that is equal to the registration point of the swf itself. That is, 0,0 on that movies stage. This seems to make no sense, but for people who use the loadMovie(); option of dynamicaly loading various swfs into their movie at run time, the offset, I believe, fixes the registration offset of the loadMovie function.\rFor now, use the import method I suggested above. As long as your logo’s aren’t huge file size it hardly matters if you import them or use the loadMovie function.

thnx a lot