Swf fine on pc won't run mac

I’d appreciate any help. A friend has made a flash menu for a video cd I’m doing. It works find on pc’s flash plugin but on the mac quicktime 4 won’t play it. It just shows a whitescreen for 12secs whereas on a pc thats the intro screen with a bit of looping music. An earlier demo of the file worked ok. We are racking our brain with what has changed apart from adding more content. I plan to try some other things on the mac but I want the menu to work on as much stuff as possible - has anyone any idea what would cause this behaviour?

i’ve come across a lot of problems with the mac player. especially in internet explorer 5.0.
try the new mac player, it MIGHT work better.

Hm… you’re talking about a standalone situation…

I know Quicktime is funny. With Flash 5.0 you need a certain Quicktime developement package on the publishing machine, or it wont do it correctly.

At least I believe so. Don’t quote me on that.
Perhaps one of my contemporaries may have more info on that.

Does QT 4 play swfs? I know v5 on PC does, but dunno 'bout v4. Why not try to run it from a standalone projector (exe on PC), i guess you could try to open the fla on the Mac, publish as standalone, and try to use that to link to the videos…just guessing, haven’t touched a Mac in 2 years…