SWF inside another SWF, help please!

ok, I want in the moment I pressed a button another SWF to come out in a corner with another options, I know I can do it with the LoadMovie command, but I don´t know exactly what to do?? help please!!

You want another swf to load in a specific place?

exactly but when I clic a button, I read something about movieclip target or something…

What 's the code on your button?

on(release) {

but when I export the movie it comes out an output screen ant it says: Symbol=send, Layer=Layer 1, Frame=1: Line 1: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances
on(release) {

If you click your button, is the AS still to be seen in the actions window?

Can you post your fla?

Is your “send” symbol a movie clip instance or an actual button symbol?

it´s a movie clip instance

sorry I can´t post the FLA, I don´t have permission(it´s not mine)


on(release) is for actual “button” symbols. If yours is actually a movie clip then you want to use
send.onRelease = function() {
put actions here;
if your send button is not on the main timeline then you’ll have to put the whole path before the “onRelease” part.

Hope that helps!

ok I just made something, I used this AS

on (release) {
loadMovie(“manda.swf”, “container”);

and it worked but after that my button disappear and the loaded swf appears in the center, and I want it in other place…???

So now your button is a button symbol? :h:

Leave the quotes off of container. You also might need to include the pathway to the container file, like:

loadMovie(“manda.swf”, _root.container);
or wherever your container mc is.

ok, I´m almost done, but still my other SWF appears in other place and the only way I can change where it appers is by editing the manda.swf and changing the position there, and do you know why my button dissapears after I clic it?

:h: what do you mean by “appears in other places”?

Set your container clip where you want it on the stage. Take note of where the origin point is. Do same with external swf. It helps if they have an origin point in the same place, like upper left hand corner. Also helps if they are same size. If manda.swf is 500 x 600 say then having container be 500 x 600 will give you exactly the result you want.

Where is your button originally?

ok, got it, I really aprecciate your help!! The only issue i have is when I clic the button, I clic it, ok the external SWF comes out but my button dissappears!! Do u know why? Thanks a lot!