Swf only partially loads

Hi Guys
I have a movie that sometimes only seems to load some of the elements on the stage when viewed in a browser, a refresh usually fixes it. It’s especially a problem in IE. I’m saving it in flash player 7 format. I wonder if it is because of the way I have it working:
Frame 1. A bg movie clip plays while the actionscript tries to load data using sendandload. The movie essentially stops until the data is loaded (it keeps trying) then progresses to the nest frame.:

_root.loader.loadingtext.text="Please wait...";
var popupData = new LoadVars();
getData = function () {
	popupData.onLoad = function(success) {
		if (success) {
			_global.tickertext = popupData.tickertext;
                // Other data gets populated into variables here
	popupData.sendAndLoad("http://blah/flash_popup.php", popupData, "POST");

Then on frame 2 are all the movie clips and stage elements. Is there a way maybe to force these to load first?
Thanks in advance