Swf. reset

i have 2 mc’s(load movie destination) in my swf. file.
i have several buttons, 1 loads to an mc while the other 5 load to the other mc.
the problem is when the “1” gets loaded it’s fine but when another button is pressed the “1” movie doesn’t disappear when the other one loads.
make sense? iv’e searched this site but can’t seem to find any answers.
can someone please help.

You could loading them on different levels.

You can either load everything to one mc so they replace each other, or you can use unloadMovie on each of the 5 buttons to unload mc_1 when their clicked. You may want to use it on your first button as well to tell mc_2 to uinload, unless it doesnt need to?

Something like this:


thank you, that unload movie script works perfect.

i had a feeling that it would involve unloading the other mc, but i wasn’t sure how to do it.