SWF rollover/button links prob

Hi all,

I’ve got an SWF which when I rollover, I want a menu to drop down, (underneath the swf, while the swf still plays) with 3 images that will link to 3 external websites.

I’ve got a fla/swf with the images/button links on, which link fine to the external websites when clicked on, and a separate fla & swf which does the rollover swf fine, but I can’t seem to get the two to work together. When I try the button links, then I get ‘File Doesn’t Exist’ error followed by the path to my root folder where my website is saved on my HD.

Both are in actionscript 2 as I’ve tried to amend some free templates from the web. Could anyone help or give any advice please? I think the problem may be to do with the rollover actionscript not stopping, therefore the frame with the button links never gets to load. Or do I need to save an html doc for each website in my root folder?

I think this is probably quite an easy thing to sort out if you’re in the know, but then again I’m sure most things are! I can send the fla/swfs if you need them.

Many Thanks


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