Swf to fla with a good reason

Hi ! I need to convert my swf to fla files, with a good reason!
I’ve got this little issue to present : As all we know, there’s so many other cool programs to make swf files like mix fx, swish and others… the thing is : I’m developing some proyect with flash mx, mix fx and swish at the same time, but I need to integrate all the elements in one only SWF, to publish it in a MOV file. So, I need to incluede my no macromedia swf files , into a macromedia swf file to convert it later…
The problem is not easy to solve, I Know… but I’ve burned my brains off to find some solution… but I just couldn’t… can someone give a clue about how too solve this issue ?


Well, if I were you I would use the loadMovie function and the unloadMovie function to load and unload the swf’s you made in the other programs into your main fla…that way you could have all your movies in 1…so make your movies in the other programs and export them to swf’s then just load and unload them where you want. I hope this helps! JesseH