SWF Transitions with Resize?

Before I begin i will post 3 reference sites to (hopefully) make it a little easier to understand what I am trying to achieve.

  1. http://www.checklandkindleysides.com/ (main inspiration - and totally unreal site)
  2. http://www.islandviewproperties.ca/ (another great site which has been reference on the discussion board in the past)
  3. http://24-7media.de/ (totally awesome as-well)

Each of these sites have the common element of a menu which expands and resizes based on the content it is displaying… I am trying to do something most similar to the first site: checklandkindleysides… with the menu as an element within a container occupying a section of the screen which resizes as a whole when a menu item is clicked.

In reference to the tutorial on SWF Transitions, which has he menu items on the main screen, in this site instance, do the menu items exist with in each of the individual section swfs instead to allow it to resize?

I will attach my site “shell” here which is probably pointless as it has no code or really anything of importance…

Any advice or pointers or teachings of keen problem solvers would be really appreciated - its been a while since i coded in flash - and it is always nice to remind myself how little of an idea you have to begin with but how wise the rest of the flash world are!

cheers for your time!