SWF wont play in Windows Explorer

Anyone had/have any experience with the following issue. I have been a flash programmer for years, but have only recently moved from AS2 to AS3. (Been holding off since until recently my major client only wanted AS2 games). Anyway, this problem relates to AS3 only.

  1. When I work within the Adobe Flash work environment and test a file, the resultant generated .swf will work perfectly.
  2. When I publish a .swf file, and then upload that to my website the file will work just fine.
  3. If I create a .exe file and run that from Windows Explorer the file will work just fine.
  4. Now . . the frustrating thing is that if I select the .swf file from within Windows Explorer all sorts of crazy things happen. File still operates as though everything ok (no errors etc), but several interactive elements just stop working; movie clips dont respond to position, removeChild() etc.
    Buttons just dont operate at all other than to indicate change state, or alternatively buttons shift frame but any subequent commands as part of event listeners just plain stop working. So to all intents and purposes the .swf appears completely corrupt. Even if I create a movie with no contents other than an interactive button to change frame, it wont work in Windows explorer. Yet I can publish that very same .swf onto the web and everything works perfectly well from the browser screen.

I usually programme in class structure, and have even considered it might be that, subsequently re-formated to timeline. I have tried different coding methodologies completely for the interactive elements of my games, and yet nothing ever solves the problem. .swf will just not play in Windows

I currently operate in CS4 as opposed to CS5, but not aware of any bugs along these lines.

So whilst I can work around this issue by simply not playing the .swf in Windows Explorer or by creating a .exe, it does become a little embarrasing when providing work to clients, because I basically have to provide them with the .exe to test their work pending them being able to upload to their websites (i.e. Yes the issue is the same for them).

Anyone else had this sort of issue, and if so, anyone aware of a fix?